Clothing Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is not always easy. As soon as you get your head around what is in style right now it seems you're behind the times and another fashion trend has hit the high street.

If you are the type of person who never wants to be a step behind the times when it comes to fashion then there are some simple steps you can take.

Fashion weeks

There are several major fashion weeks, including London, Paris and Milan. At fashion week designers showcase their latest collections and give a hint of what you should expect to see in the shops that season.

Designers often take a trend to the extreme and more often than not the styles you'll see on the catwalk will be a little too much for every day wear. However, at fashion weeks you get the chance to get an idea of the latest fashions which you can then tailor to suit your needs. For example, if the nautical theme is big right now you probably won't want to go to work dressed as a sailor! But some nautical stripes or using the colours navy, white and red could bring your style right up to date.

Fashion magazines

Fashion magazines are a great way of finding out what the latest fashion trends are. If you can't get a ticket to a fashion week event then you needn't worry, you can simply catch up on all that went on by reading a fashion magazine. Vogue, Elle and Grazia are big names in the fashion publication world and will be your style bible when it comes to keeping up with the trends.

High street window shopping

It's always good to browse the high street, even when you're not looking to buy anything. This gives you a chance to get an idea of what people are wearing right now. High street stores take influence from the catwalks but tailor the clothes to make them more wearable. Strolling down your high street could give you a bucket full of ideas to work with when you come to go shopping next.


We'd all love to look like a celeb and wear their fabulous clothes and thankfully high street stores have recognised this. This means that a lot of the fashion trends you'll see in shops are modelled on our favourite celebs. Some celebrities even have their own clothing lines. If there is one particular celeb you'd love to imitate then make a mental note of their styles and what they wear and then have a browse in your high street to see which pieces suit that kind of look.

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