Mens Clothing

Fashion is often thought of a woman thing. It's no secret that girls love to shop and love clothes but that doesn't mean men can't feel the same way! In fact male grooming and man's fashion is big business nowadays. Men, just like their female counterparts, want to look and feel their best and keeping up with men's fashion trends is a good way of doing this.

While women's fashion seems to receive most of the headlines, designers love designing men's lines and there are some fabulous male fashion trends out there. The problem some men have is discovering what these clothing trends are! Well, here are some helpful tips.

Personal shoppers

Personal shoppers are a great way of finding a style to suit you. Once thought of a complete luxury that only the uber-rich could afford, personal shoppers are now relatively common-place and can be found in most department stores. They'll talk to you about what kind of style you're trying to achieve then they will set off to find you the perfect outfit in store while you chill out with a coffee or, sometimes, a glass of champagne! How much more fun could shopping be?!

Male trendsetters

There are plenty of male trendsetters that most men would give their right arm to look like! And thanks to the buyers at most high street stores who keep a keen eye on who's hot and who's not there are styles around that will allow you to emulate your style icon to a tee.

David Beckham tops most best dressed male lists. His style is sharp pieces with a twist that gives him a funky edge. George Clooney on the other hand, another favourite when it comes to fashion, is all about laid back cool. Open neck shirts with a smart suit is a staple when it comes to George.

Fashion mags

Just as there are fashion magazines for women there are some for men too. GQ is a staple buy for those men wanting to make the most of their appearance. The magazines will detail the latest lines from the catwalk and also showcase some of the key pieces on the high street that men should be opting for.

A little help from your friends

Of course once of the best ways to pick up fashion tips is to check out what your friends are wearing. Styles catch on when people pick up tips from other people so don't be afraid to pick up some tips from what your friends are wearing. The likelihood is they will be picking up tips from you too!

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