Summer Clothing

When it's hot and humid you may be tempted to pay less attention to your style. It's easy to think whatever is coolest will do. But everyone knows how much better they feel when they are dressed in something that makes them feel confident and there are plenty of summer clothing trends that will keep you comfortable as well as helping you stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

Light colours

In the summer months you should avoid dark colours. While blacks and greys can be classy and sophisticated they are much more suited to the winter months. You can choose whether to go for bright, funky colours like pinks, reds and greens or pastel colours likes peach and salmon depending on your style. Light colours will look fantastic in the sunshine and will also show off your tan to a tee.


Back in the 1980s and early 1990s leggings were all the rage. As the 1990s came to an end and the 2000's started though they seemed to disappear but thankfully they're now back with a vengeance and are one of the biggest summer fashion trends! Leggings are fantastic for those people who aren't too keen on getting their legs out. Rather than having to wear jeans or trousers all summer you can team your skirt or dress with a cute pair of leggings and won't have to worry about exposing your leggings.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are big again this summer and have been a big summer fashion trend for the last few years. Apart from being funky and cool maxi dresses hide a multitude of sins. If you're a bit worried about your stomach, hips or thighs for example you can hide it all in a maxi dress and still look uber glam. What's more, most of the shops on the high street now stock a whole range of beautiful maxi dresses.

Floaty tops

When it's really hot you really don't want to be wearing anything too clingy or tight. Instead you should opt for floaty, light material tops and the good news is these are bang on trend. Keeping in tune with the whole hippy, boho vibe floaty tops look ultra cool worn over a cute pair of denim shorts or even a pair of leggings. Best of all, they keep you nice and cool in the hot weather.


Shorts are still a huge summer fashion trend and there are loads of ways to wear them. If you need to look smart for work then you can buy tailored short that can be worn with a cute blouse to give you an office look with a twist. For a more funky look try denim shorts with a cute t-shirt and a pair of pumps.

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