Winter Clothing

When it's cold and wet the main priority tends to be to keep warm and dry. However, that doesn't mean you can't look good while you're doing it. Winter clothing trends change a lot less than summer trends but there are still some styles it's worth keeping up with.

When it comes to winter fashion it's always good to have staple items. With good staple clothing items you have the basis of an outfit already set for you. You can then just dress around it.

Winter coat

A good winter coat is essential. The style of coats changes slightly each winter however there are a few styles that never go out of fashion.

Parkers are a great winter essential. They're snug and warm but also uber-trendy and very cool and they're great for the wet weather. Parkers aren't great for when you need a smart look however. When you want to add a bit of call you can't go wrong with a mac. Last Winter macs took over the high street and, with a summer version also stealing the headlines, they show no signs of going away this year.

Faux fur jackets are great for those ladies who like to add a touch of glamour to whatever they're wearing. And for those biker chicks out there, you can't go wrong with a leather biker jacket.


Winter footwear is all about boots. Knee boots are always bang on trend, whether you opt for flat, heels or wedges. Ugg boots are also great for the winter because they're super cosy and warm and year in year out they've been at the top of every fashion trendsetter's shopping list.

A good pair of boots forms the foundation of most outfits. A cute dress or short skirt and knee boots will look both warm and comfortable and super trendy whilst a pair of jeans will fall perfectly over a good pair of boots.


Layering is a great way to keep comfortable and keep on trend in the winter. The weather in the early winter months can be unpredictable and sometimes wearing clothing that is too warm can leave you hot and uncomfortable. Layering means you can be as warm or as cool as you like!


Hats are great in the winter – not just for keeping you warm but for looking super trendy too. Berets add a touch of sophistication whilst slouch hats, which were all the rage last year, are still on the scene.


Accessories are a great way of making a statement and keeping an outfit up-to-date and in the winter it's all about scarves. Gone are the days when a woollen scarf is worn just to keep you warm. Nowadays there are plenty of styles so you can keep warm whilst still looking cool!

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