Womens Clothing

If there's one thing ladies love, it's clothes. Regardless of what type of style you're into, be it grunge or girly, rock or hippy, getting a new outfit is always exciting. Keeping up with women's clothing trends couldn't be easier at the moment as there are so many style icons out there at the moment. The high street is doing a fantastic job of picking up in the latest clothing trends and bringing them to us at a reasonable price and in a wearable fashion.

There are too many style icons to mention but there are four that are currently taking the fashion world by a storm and thankfully imitating their style isn't that difficult!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is taking over the music world with number ones in almost every country and sell out tours. However she is also having a major impact on the fashion world – mainly for her wacky but fabulous style. Lady Gaga is all about being outrageous. The singer loves to shock and wild headwear, hardly-there bikinis and dark glasses form the majority of her outfits. You may think your boss may not be too happy with you turning up for work in full on Lady Gaga gear but you can copy her style to an extent. Try some high wedge heals, angular tailored dresses and, of course, dark glasses!


Beyonce has been bootylicious for years now but her style just keeps getting better and better. With Bey, the style is all about showing off your curves. Figure hugging dresses, well cut tops and feminine detail will give you a look just like the Destiny's Child starlet. 1940's style often plays a big part in Beyonce's look so opt for perfectly coifed her and red lips.

La Roux

La Roux is one of the newest songstrels on the scene but singer Ellie style is already causing a stir. With her short hair and quiff and skinny jeans Ellie rocks the masculine look but jazzes it up with glitter and bright colours. This is a stroking look and will take some bottle but, if you pull it off, it's one of the coolest looks out there right now.

Florence Welch

Florence and the Machine are selling out stadiums world wide thanks to Florence Welch's awesome voice. But the singer has also got skills in the fashion sense too. The boho look seemed to take a back seat after being the height of cool a couple fo years ago but Florence has brought it back with a bang. This time the boho look is even more influenced by the 1970s. Think flowers in the hair, floaty tops and short denim skirts.

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